Personalized Venue Sourcing

Your chosen location is the basis of your wedding planning so it’s important to discover the destination and the venue that’s right for your wedding celebration. My venue sourcing services go one step further with not only matching you with a great building, but also the ideal town or city to base your wedding party. Your Portuguese wedding adventure starts here.


Integral to my work is the idea that when planning a destination wedding, you should start with where and not just the building. Beautiful wedding venues can be found in every corner of Portugal, but every town, city and village is unique. With my expertise of Portugal, we start with discovering where in this eclectic, diverse country  is the ideal spot for you and your wedding party.


Once we’ve discovered the ideal location, I get to work looking for the perfect wedding venue for you which suits your style and requirements. In my venue search, I create video tours of each place and provide unedited imagery so you can get a feel for each place without the deceiving glossy photos. I'll give you all of the nitty-gritty details and ensure that the recommendations I send tick as many boxes as possible for the perfect wedding party. 


As your guests are important to you, you want to make attending your wedding as stress-free as possible for them. This is why as part of my personalised venue sourcing, once you have chosen the venue for you, I will provide a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets to make the travel planning easier for you, your friends and family.


In the areas I work, I live and breathe these places and continually explore. To me your destination wedding in Portugal is not just about the wedding venue, but also the area. That’s why as part of my service, I provide you with my exclusive travel guides on your chosen town or city which includes best restaurants, how to get around, accommodation options, things to do, and some expert practical tips.

How to book

To book a venue sourcing consultation with me please use the button below and select a time and date that best suits you!


The initial consultation call is €75.

In this consultation call we will talk all about the venue you are looking for and what is realistic for your budget and guest numbers. I will give you as many ideas as possible to get your planning started off on the right foot.


If you would then like a full venue source, there will be an additional payment of €250.


This includes:


  • fully personalised source of 1 round of 6 venues 

  • venues presented in a beautiful PDF document with all the details you need e.g location and costs

  • full 20-30min video explanation by me of why I am recommending each venue to you and why I believe they will work for your wedding

  • video tours of each venue

  • accommodation recommendations close to the venue

  • tips and tricks about the region that you should know!


This will all be delivered to you up to 4 weeks after your second payment.

If you want another round of 6 venues after this one, there will be a second payment of €75.

If all sounds good to you, simply select your time for our chat. I look forward to helping you find your dream wedding venue in Portugal!