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Challet Fonte Nova is our title venue so you could say we have a special fondness for it! 

Located in Alcobaça in central Portugal, it is not the most accessible from Lisbon airport but this region has so much for you and your guests to explore.

Alcobaça itself is famous for its stunning monastery which is just 5 mins walk away from this venue. If you would like a truly unique Catholic wedding, Alcobaça Monastery would be incredible.

Back to the venue, this classic venue is utterly charming and intimate. Though you can host quite a large number of guests in the marquee they have, we actually recommend a medium-sized guestlist here. Around 80 guests would be lovely. Equally, there are some cute corners for a mini-wedding including the secret forested area directly behind the venue.

It is worth noting that this is a residential area. Though you won’t notice the surrounding blocks of flats, you may have some noise restrictions. You won’t be able to dance until 6am unfortunately!

Challet Fonte Nova is first and foremost a B&B with historical furnishings. There are a couple of dining rooms and a “pub” room in the basement. The other rooms fo the house host 6 spacious double rooms.

If you want a truly intimate wedding and the chance to explore a new region of Portugal, Challet Fonte Nova is the one for you.

Pricing & Menus

The catering package at Challet Fonte Nova is handled by a local restaurant that is famous for its food in the region. They have an excellent selection fo Portuguese food to choose from though this is very traditional cuisine. They do not allow outside catering but you can bring your own wedding cake. Dietary requirements are all catered for.

Challet Fonte Nova is very well-priced for the central location. The average menu price is around €71 + VAT which includes:

  • Exclusivity of the venue

  • Drinks reception canapes and drinks

  • Catering

  • Wedding cake

  • Open bar with no limit

  • Simple decoration and floral pieces

Decorators are exclusive to the venue but they can be flexible. Accommodation is calculated separately. Please contact the venue using the form below to get the latest information.


Challet Fonte Nova is a B&B with 6 double rooms. These are tastefully decorated with a historical vibe. There are also two suites in the neighbouring modern villa which has a much more modern feel. There is also a small “spa” space in this villa for doing hair and makeup. There are plenty of other accommodation options in Alcobaça.

This venue is for you if…

  • You like a classic style

  • You like a historical style

  • You want an intimate atmosphere

  • You want to explore a new town in Portugal

  • You want accommodation on-site