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Hotel EXE Vila d'Óbidos is the ultimate blank space venue which you know we love! The event space is simple and beautiful with a lush green lake with wide-open flat grounds. These are the perfect conditions for an all outdoor wedding with your ceremony, cocktail reception, and evening meal all outdoors with a natural flow between the sections of your wedding day.

Located close to the gorgeous town of Óbidos, this venue is right in the heart of Portugal. Though it may take a while - 1.5hr to be exact - to get here from Lisbon airport, it is a region of Portugal well worth exploring. You will be introducing your guests to a magical area with so much variety and history.

The venue’s main event space is quite plain but has so much potential. You can create any vibe you choose to, making full use of the space. It is quite large so this venue is best suited for weddings of 80+ guests. If you have a smaller guestlist, you may want to make more use of the outdoor areas to feel a bit more intimate.

Given that the Hotel is separate from the event space, you do not need to hire out all 40 rooms to host your wedding here. That is hugely rare! That said, as always, if you do hire out the entire hotel, you have an extra space you can use in the actual hotel. The restaurant and pool areas are really modern and cool. They could be great additions to your day as evening party locations or cocktail hour.

All in all, don’t overlook a plain venue. With plainness comes extreme personalisation for the wedding of your dreams!

Pricing & Menus

The catering package at Hotel EXE Vila d'Óbidos is managed by the hotel. They do not allow outside catering but you can bring your own wedding cake. The menu has flexibility should you have any special requests. Dietary requirements are all catered for.

Hotel EXE Vila d'Óbidos is very well-priced for the central location. The average menu price is around €75 + VAT which includes:

  • Drinks reception canapes and drinks

  • Catering

  • Wedding cake

  • Open bar with no limit

  • Simple decoration and floral pieces

You do not have to hire out the hotel exclusively to host your wedding here.


There are 40 modern, comfortable rooms on-site to host your guests. Guests get special rates if they stay on-site. You do not have to hire out the hotel exclusively to host your wedding here.

This venue is for you if…

  • You like a classic style

  • You want a blank space venue you can customise

  • You want an intimate atmosphere

  • You want accommodation on-site

  • You need a fully accessible wedding venue