Parador Casa da Ínsua

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Parador Casa da Insua is truly one in a million. It is a stunning venue that shines brightly as a standard of wedding beauty in the region. Honestly - it’s a showstopper.

Though this is an extremely rural venue in the secluded corners of Viseu, we think it is well worth the journey. It is set in a tranquil village but this hotel is so large and has so much to do, you’ll feel like it is a village in itself. That sounds like an all-inclusive vibe but it’s not that at all. It’s as if you are a noble person of old walking around the town’s castle. You have everything you need there. A sweet cafe and restaurant, a balcony, a mini-museum, a cheesemaker, a jam-maker, an outdoor swimming pool and multiple event spaces.

If you want to feel regal at your wedding, this is a beautiful place to marry. There are spaces with a bit more of a modern edge though. The main event space is extremely large and has a blank space vibe. You can create the wedding style you want there which is always a plus. The gardens are definitely the main draw here with a unique maze, lily pad pond, and literal swan lake.  There is so much to love here. If you are willing to go the distance, you won’t be disappointed.

Pricing & Menus

The hotel provides a catering package for your wedding with all the staples.
The average menu price is around €95 + VAT which includes:

  • Drinks reception canapes and drinks

  • Catering

  • Wedding cake

  • Open bar

The venue doesn’t technically have an additional venue fee but it is advised to hire out the venue exclusively to be able to use all spaces in a way that suits you. If you don’t hire the hotel exclusively, there are certain restrictions as to what you can do here.


There are a total of 35 lodgings on-site - 24 rooms, 6 suites e 5 apartments. All rooms, even the lowest cost ones, are spacious and maintain the regal vibe throughout the interior design. You don’t have to hire the hotel exclusively to host your wedding here but it is advised.

This venue is for you if…

  • You like a historical style

  • You like a blank space event room to fully personalise

  • You have a medium-large guestlist

  • You want to be in rural surroundings

  • You want accommodation for your guests to stay on-site